New Rams Logo leads to Coronavirus Campaign

Recently, the Los Angeles Rams updated their logo, which sparked lots of controversy among their fans. People voiced how unhappy they were on twitter, but rather than ignoring the issue, the team decided to turn it into an opportunity to raise money and awareness for the coronavirus pandemic.

They vowed to have the coach of the Los Angeles Rams post a video of him reading their mean tweets bashing the redesigned logo if the fans raised at least 2 million dollars for coronavirus efforts. The fans ended up raising 2.3 million dollars and Coach Kevin Demoff came through.

The way an organization responds to criticism over their brand says a lot about them, many companies simply stick to their guns and do not address harsh feedback. Other companies go back to the drawing board or revert to their original designs. I think the way the LA Rams spun the controversy into a way to help cure the coronavirus is extremely applaudable and I, for one, think the whole reaction to this logo is more due to people’s resistance to change.

If the quarantine has shown me one thing, it’s that people cling to consistency for comfort. However, he only constant is change and I think Rams fans will come to love their new emblem just like the pandemic will hopefully show us how to live safer and more compassionate lives.

2 thoughts on “New Rams Logo leads to Coronavirus Campaign

  1. I love that they decided to turn the negative responses into something positive!! I feel bad for their designer because redesigning a logo is hard enough and to see the negative comments must be hard!

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  2. I have never ever cared about sports, but logo and mascot design IS something I’ve always been interested in and sort of followed. Designing a team logo and mascot is on my list of things I’d like to have a swing at someday!

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