My Top 3 Favorite Designers!

3. Jessica Hische

I’m a super amateur lettering artist, and I love all the different styles that Jessica Hische can do! Her work is amazing and her artistic mission is present in all of her work. I love her as a person and a designer and highly suggest you all check her out!

2. Aaron Draplin

Draplin’s personality is amazing, he’s super blunt and raunchy. Listening to his interviews is like listening to a comedy sketch and I love it. My favorite thing, however, is his approach to design. He keeps everything so simple and bold that it’s easy to underestimate his talent. It’s so simple it seems obvious, which is actually a very difficult thing for a designer to accomplish. If you haven’t already, watch the logo design video he made for and listen to his interview with Chris Do.

  1. Chris Do

Chris Do has taught me SO MUCH. His YouTube channel is to die for. Even if you have no interest in graphic design, he teaches everything from sales to marketing to entrepreneurship to defending the value of design. If you haven’t listened to The Futur or The Futur Academy YOU NEED TO. Listening to his channel has been absolutely life changing for me. He is the best teacher I’ve ever seen.

Who’s your favorite designer? Comment below!

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