McDonald’s just released a new line of print advertisements that are noticeably different than their usual design formula. The designs simply list the ingredients of their various sandwiches in the font Helvetica in a color scheme more synonymous to the food itself than the iconic McDonald’s brand.

So, what are the implications of these new minimalistic advertisements? In my opinion, McDonald’s is flexing their influencer muscles and showing that their brand is so strong and recognizable that they don’t even need to include the logo. They can use only one element of their brand design and still effectively advertise their food.

When a company can get away with only using a symbol as a logo rather than a text/image lockup, it is considered a huge accomplishment in the design world. McDonald’s is making the ultimate statement. They are telling the world that they have achieved a level of brand recognition so high that they no longer even need a logo.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have never witnessed a brand pull this off before. It’s certainly a huge accomplishment and a huge humble brag on McDonald’s part.

One thought on “McMinimal

  1. These are very interesting; McDonalds is a company that is always updating their design to keep with the times. The cups, the bags, you can always pinpoint the “era” it came from based on the style. I could see this design working in certain context but I don’t think it’s effective in a billboard setting; too much to read and think about. Maybe on packaging, or in print (magazines) I could see this working better.


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