GDUSA 2020

According to its website, the GDUSA is “a business-to-business information source for graphic design professionals…GDUSA covers news, people, project, trends, technology, products and services. The GDUSA brand now includes a 100,000 visitor-a-month website, a monthly e-newsletter, a digital version of the magazine formatted for desktop, tablet and phones, and several national design competitions…”

GDUSA has just released their 2020 GDUSA People to Watch list and I decided to look into one familiar name.

Pum Lefebure is a name I’ve seen repeatedly in my time studying graphic design, but I’ve never looked into who she is or what she does. Turns out, she has a very impressive rap sheet.

She has worked with brands such as PepsiCo, Adobe, and The Ritz-Carlton. She has won two Emmys in design and her agency is named Design Army (which is a killer name in my opinion).

What stands out to me about Lefebure’s work is the bold and colorful nature of her photography. Pum Lefebure takes art direction to a whole new level. The compositions of her photographs are otherworldly, fantastical, and eye-catching.

There are many names that I see repeatedly in the design community and researching Pum Lefeure’s work on a whim has shown me that I’m really missing out! I need to start looking in to every designer I come across because I got so much joy and inspiration from looking at Design Army’s work!

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