Designing Space

Last week, President Donald Trump released the new logo for the newest branch of the United States military: The United States Space Force. Any logo representing a country understandably undergoes a great deal of scrutiny. However, the last time a military logo was created social media did not exist. As a result, the release of the Space Force logo has generated a louder response than any other military logo in history and the primary point raised is worth exploring.

The most notable criticism of the United States Space Force logo is its similarity to the Starfleet Command logo featured on the classic television show Star Trek. They are undeniably very similar. They are both enclosed in a circle and feature a delta symbol encircled by a ring.

During my time studying art, I have been told countless times that originality does not exist. Every idea stems from something else. While plagiarism is unacceptable, we cannot deny designer’s right to be inspired by something else. In this case, the American public has grown up imagining space adventurers with the Starfleet Command logo on their uniforms. Is it so wrong to base the real deal on the symbol that is already heavily associated with space expedition?

On the other hand, the symbol created for the new branch of the military does not follow a few of the key rules for a good logo. A good logo works whether it is on a billboard or on a postage stamp. The heavy detail and small text in the Space Force logo would make it unreadable on a small scale. The new military mark also would not work if it were only produced in black and white. The shading on the delta symbol, the small star dots, and the linear details in the globe would not lend well to a two-color design.

How do you feel about the United States Space Force Logo? Leave your thoughts below.

One thought on “Designing Space

  1. I enjoyed hearing your educated perspective on this new logo! I personally think the logo looks like something I would find on a kid’s t-shirt. Do you think that they will respond to everyone’s criticism with a new logo?
    Also, I really liked your paragraph on how originality does not exist in art. I’ve experienced this several times when writing music. There’s a fine line between having an artist inspired sound and trying to sound exactly like the artist. It’s oftentimes difficult to execute that balance.
    Thank you for your post!


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